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From Script to Screen:
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There's nothing more powerful than film when it comes to capturing the essence of a story. At Rooftop Seven, we specialise in bringing those stories to life with stunning visual imagery. Take a look behind the scenes at our most recent and upcoming projects.


Lights, Camera, Chesterton:
Stories Reimagined for Cinema

Get ready for a cinematic adaptation of G.K. Chesterton's tales, brimming with wisdom, humour, and profound insight for today's audience. The timeless themes of balancing tradition and progress, critiquing materialism, and valuing community resonate with today's societal discussions. Join us on a captivating journey through Chesterton's world, expertly reimagined for the modern cinema enthusiast.


(Released late 2021)

Comedy – Drama

A contemporary screen adaptation in true spirit of the 1913 play by G.K. Chesterton. Now set in the 1930s, the paradox and subtle humour of Chesterton remains, as does the stage feel of this film. It's a quirky offering with themes still relevant today as they were back then.

An eccentric Duke hires a Conjurer in answer to his niece Patricia’s garden wanderings and encounters with fairies. Why? As a cure for magic, of course. The evening of the show takes a turn with the arrival of Morris, Patricia’s cynical brother, followed by that of the Stranger only adding to the tension. The household and it's guests (Dr. Grimthorpe and Vicar Smith) are drawn into an unruly situation where the ensuing arguments and challenges threaten to stop the entertainment. Finally, the besieged magician decides to air some of his own demons, conjuring up a very peculiar trick.

Poster and trailer thumbnail for feature film 'Magic' and adaptation of the play by G.K. Chesterton. From left to right you have the ensemble of characters including: David Lucas as the Vicar, Barnaby Goodwin as the Doctor, Kirsty McKenzie as Patricia, James Domeyko as Morris, Vincent Parfitt as the Conjurer, Nick Barker-Pendree as the Duke and Joe Loria as Hastings
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