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Released December 2021

An eccentric Duke hires a Conjurer in answer to his niece Patricia’s garden wanderings and encounters with fairies. Why? As a cure for magic, of course. The evening of the show takes a turn with the arrival of Morris, Patricia’s cynical brother, followed by that of the stranger only adding to the tension. The household and its guests (Dr. Grimthorpe and Vicar Smith) are drawn into an unruly situation where the ensuing arguments and challenges threaten to stop the entertainment. Finally, the besieged magician decides to air some of his own demons, conjuring up a very peculiar trick.

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Where to Watch

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Chris Chan, Film Critic

"The standout is Parfitt, whose monologue towards the end is delivered with quiet pathos and pure intensity, giving the character's arc genuine resonance... a young Gary Oldman."
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Magic in the Making

A contemporary screen adaptation staying true to the spirit of the original 1913 play. Now set in the 1930s, the paradox and subtle humor of G.K. Chesterton remains, as does the stage feel of this film.  It's a quirky offering with themes as relevant today as they were back then. Magic is Rooftop Seven’s debut feature film written and directed by Elvis Joseph. The themes and characters hold immense relevance to the challenges and complexities of our modern world, whilst maintaining Chesterton's unique philosophical wit and insight.


Inspired by Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani, the 1930s, and the staging of Theatre-in-the-Round, Elvis and cinematographer Rah Sharma were able to bring the concept to light. To maintain the essence of the original play and cater to time constraints the actors rehearsed over several weeks as they needed to remember a full script of dialogue to perform as though they were in a true theatre environment. 


Most of the filming took place over the course of two weekends in a local town hall. The crew had to move quickly to set up as soon as the local knitting group vacated and scurried to pack down before the next group began. Two more evenings and a day completed the exteriors and additional scenes. 

Many thanks to the multitalented cast and crew for bringing the magic, to Magic.


Magic was released in December 2021.


Cast and Key Creatives

Writer & Director ––– Elvis Joseph

Producer ––– Heather Joseph

Cinematographer ––– Rah Sharma

Editor ––– Aaron J March

Sound Recordist ––– Nathan Bell

Sound Design ––– Sam Grimshaw

Composer ––– James Domeyko

Visual Effects ––– Neil Rowe

Art Direction ––– Audrey Joseph

Conjurer ––– Vincent Parfitt

Patricia ––– Kirsty McKenzie

The Duke ––– Nick Barker-Pendree

Dr Grimshaw ––– Barnaby Goodwin

Vicar Smith ––– David Lucas

Morris ––– James Domeyko

Hastings ––– Joe Loria

Narrator ––– Aaron J Marsh

Lewis ––– Craig Maguire

Maid ––– Audrey Joseph

Butler ––– Sasha Diamandi

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