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The Power of Film

Welcome to Rooftop Seven, an Australian independent production company making remarkable films.

We believe in the transformative power of storytelling and love to create films that make us think, feel, and laugh.

Our character-driven narratives and thought-provoking themes captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impact.

With a strong sense of visual style, we bring stories to life on the big screen. 


Released late 2021

Experience the madness with Magic, the thrilling film adaptation of G.K Chesterton's play. Follow the story of a desperate conjurer who turns to dangerous tactics to delight a hostile crowd. As the evening turns into a night of madness, the question remains - how does he do it? Find out by watching this captivating film today!

In Development

The Club of 
Curious Trades

Disillusioned magistrate Basil Grant is awakened from his seclusion by a series of bizarre incidents that will force him to confront his past and reclaim his calling.

The Man Who
Was Thursday

Gabriel Syme, a poet and detective, is tasked to infiltrate a dangerous group of anarchists to stop a bombing. When he discovers the members are not who they seem, he is forced to question not only the mission, but his own sanity.

The Ball &
The Cross

Two lonely extremists agree to settle their dispute like gentlemen – a traditional duel with swords – to make a point to a society that has stopped caring, and to the ire of the authorities.

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